Best Aventus Clone
Deal Score+60

I have tried almost every aventus clone on the market. CDNIM, Laventure, Rasasi Zebra, Insurrection, Lomani AB Spirit Silver, Lattafa Maknoon Silver, Zara Vibrant Leather+Rich Leather and the list goes on.

What is the best, in my opinion? Immortal Zeus by Fragrenza.

I don’t know how Fragrenza did it, but its 1:1 Aventus from start to finish. It smells extremely high quality and not synthetic at all. Nice balance of fruity+smokey.

It does NOT have the harsh lemon opening which is very far from aventus like CDNIM and L’aventure. Smooth pineapple from the moment you spray.

My only explanation why this stuff isn’t hyped as much as CDNIM is, its a a new company.

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I am author from Uranus, first planet of star system Z-Centaurus. I am here to make you happy, because I have some secret pills. I low cows, because they are also from Uranus. Why do you eat them? We use cows for producting energy for our space ships from their shirt.

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    April 11, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    My back was very bad. I bought this thing, now I feel much better.

    Can’t tell you that this helps me, maybe something another, but, anyway, this is good thing and price is awesome

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