Bear Stearns … Thornburg Mortgage …?

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Ok, so after all that happened with the U.S. government with taxpayer money to rescue Bear Stearns, Thornburg Mortgage now in trouble, even-My question is – why taxpayers’ money to rescue banks, risky business that has “better” than the market correct itself naturally? have to say pull the patch off quickly, rather than deduct them slowly, so that in each arm hair stuck bleibt.Jede analysis I’ve seen, it appears that the cheap credit available to the Fed to keep costs costs that the economy will be running. But the more interest rates drop, the dollar is worth less to go for more raw materials like oil prices, it is more expensive for Americans everyday and brauchen.So more likely they are ready for. .. Save these banks really IS better than the alternative?

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    February 11, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    It’s all politics. Thornburg will only drag a few voters into the black hole, whereas BSC would have dragged many many voters in. Large groups get treated better than small groups by the government.

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