Bankruptcy question again?

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OK, first, if you come here for advice and help me: thank you. If you are someone who will come here to stand in court and tell me what people are horrible to me and my husband go to “collect the debt, then in bankruptcy, so do not waste your time effort because I do not report your message and ignore anyway. This is not funny, but anything I run three times I’ve written so far, the comments of angry people who do not know the circumstances that led to the bankruptcy of those spam and advertising Ready! So if someone could give me some tips, I’d be grateful. I havent made the booking for a few hours, so hopefully there are a few different people on hier.So now, here’s my dilemma: We went in November 2010 promised the bankruptcy of our house and moved in the rent .. We had a good (mortgage), the 75K had a mortgage and we had a 50K and £ 30K secured loan, unsecured debts. Recently a house was near our old house for £ 105K, so most can get it (probably at an auction) is about £ 90K.Also we went bankrupt and the beneficiary contacts to see what are the assets we have – we do not, except for the home. We did not return home that was not on our e-mail sent because we told anyone haben.Nun important to our new address, I called today to ask the recipient if they Creditors know, but we (as at January 12, 2011, they did not ..) and she said yes, she was informed and sent a report on our debt and other creditors on 18 May, in January of this young girl said, “your debtor knows that insecurity try too little sense for you (we £ 50K unsecured debt a), but the mortgage company you need to contact and I know that your “current” address, because they need to return to a problem, I am completely baffled, as if we talked to the receivers in November (and the court as well), they both told us that the care recipient would everything, and that creditors have receptors for all the assets we have to do. Thus, the bankruptcy will operate safely .???? And now, to tell this girl that we contacted the company Mortgages voluntarily, because creditors have only the creditors know the person is bankrupt, “and because there is little equity, they do not take the house itself, they just leave it at the mortgage bank to repossess their free time. So obviously we do with the mortgage company by the removal work. “But why should we * have * to let them know our new address so they can badger us here? “They can certainly take over without us. I got the distinct impression of the court and from the recipient (the beginning), that when we go bankrupt, it is out of our hands. and 3 months now, is a young girl in the office of profit means that we contacted the mortgage company, so we can assist in the withdrawal process can! Now excuse me, but we were the beneficiaries to pay £ 900 (£ 450 per unit) to do the job for us, and what happens if we now buggared and had left home, how many people would do? Admittedly, the withdrawal can not continue without us? Someone Can advise me? I’m really reluctant to mortgage company and see no reason why not simply withdraw without us. And I’m looking for a special truth, the beneficiaries, the court said it is out of our hands acid and we need to do something, as we declared bankruptcy, debt free today (and assets over ..) and now this girl says we should notify the mortgage company of our new address, or order the withdrawal will take several months, because “they need our signatures …” to return to a durchlaufen.Zum quickly, why he say now? And what happens when someone abandons a property, should we just wait and let them back without us?

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    May 15, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    As you have already moved out, you need not contact them. This is the receivers job and nothing to do with you.

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