Bankruptcy in Maryland?

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I’m not the type of security, but in short, I went through a nasty separation, with a partner of 8 years, we tried the house built a year before to maintain separation, have managed to do it for four years, but now, due to the accumulation of debt for medical expenses and living on credit cards when I had surgery and some STDs, I’m in over my head. I do not subscribe to the bankruptcy, but I am in fear of foreclosure, I said, a mortgage modification with GMAC-the first time that I, I could not afford my home, I do not have enough, so I resubmitted, they agreed, they went for a loan of 5.0% for a loan of 5.5% and my payment was $ 200, but I had to take it, because I’m four months late and nearly bankrupt war.Jetzt-foreclosure and I try to do a short sale on suchen.Allerdings home, here are my obstacles, I have to see if my bankruptcy affect my niece, who is also on the house deed / title / mortgage with me, and how the work if I am (gay) married in CT, but not MD recognized as a valid marriage? TIA to hear looking for / / answer!

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    May 4, 2011 at 2:33 am

    Working backwards from the bottom to the top of your question(s)…

    You cannot file bankruptcy jointly with a gay partner even if you are legally married. There are some states that recognize gay marriages, but the Federal government does not, and since bankruptcy is filed in Federal court, it is filed under Federal law. Many bankruptcy attorneys are sympathetic to this situation and will file 2 individual bankruptcies for the price of 1 if the reason a couple cannot file a joint bankruptcy is solely because the Federal government does not recognize the couple’s gay marriage.

    If your mortgage is discharged in bankruptcy, the lender will go after a co-signer (your niece) for the debt that was discharged. Your marital status does not affect co-signers. Your partner is not liable for the debt, but your niece is (and is also, apparently, a co-owner of the property).

    Your co-signer (niece) may be willing to assist you with making payments if her other choice is that she will wind up responsible for the entire debt because your liability has been discharged.

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