bank putting wrong info on my credit file?

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I had a loan with a major uk bank and defaulted on it, BUT it was paid off in full in december 2007

the bank in question has continued to put defaults each month on my credit report and although the bank understands its been paid off, it says on my report that the balance remains unpaid.
I have asked the bank to amend this and they havent done so….what do I do next?
I need to get it removed as soon as poss, as I want to build my credit rating and get a mortgage one day. The rest of my credit history is perfect

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    May 13, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    I would call the financial ombudsman. Actually you can fill in a complaint on line. First send the bank a letter requesting they correct the information and advise them that you will take the matter further if they fail. Also ask to speak to the bank’s complaints department and register a complaint. Speaking to a numpty on their general line is as productive as talking to a cat. The complaints department should give you a number and will promise to look into matters within a certain time – usually 28 days.

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