Bad Credit – How should I mortgage (money) my house?

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I have enough bad credit (probably 480S) … its all stupid stuff / Education added – about $ 10,000 wert.Ich free and clear as residential and commercial properties with a big house – has been fixing up the house. I have a letter from the reconstruction of the city, so it can be considered normal residential mortgage loan to finance or anything. (Being their residential and commercial real estate, when they burned – the city would not allow commercial buildings to be rebuilt – but with a new letter – it is a building of stay or residence, what I want) estimated it was the realitor approximately $ 125,000 (and I owe nothing on this) – I want to get a loan of $ 60,000 to pay all my debts and put the rest at home … How do I get there? What would you do business? (? Mortgages shares) What type of financing should I do .. I am self-employed – 2 years on the job market

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    April 29, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    You have a multi-use property. There are plenty of lenders that will allow this type of financing. Provided all structures on the property are in acceptable ‘market ready’ condition. Since you have been self employed for 2 years, you would need to provide proof of income, tax returns, or bank statements for 24 months. Depending on where you fall credit wise determines the loan to value calculation and your rate. Expect your appraisal fee to be higher to cover the multi use appraisal you will need and if you rent any portion of the property (commercial end) you will need a rent comparable if you use the income to qualify for the loan.

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    April 29, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    Hi, you can raise your credit I can help and we can do it in 15-45 days. Email me at If you cant pay the cost to fix your credit, we can tie it into the refinance, but I had a similar situation and I used this company, they brought me from a 510 to a 730 in 32 days. I ended up working for them! because i was so amazed and knew that I could help people that are getting screwed by high interest rates and bad fico scores, my advice is free the service comes if you want to come on as a client.. would be happy to help once again im david email me at

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