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Do you have people at home U.S Kaufein? YES OR NEINIm regards the title of the homepage, there is a choice that can change the name you’re on the right track? When my parents bought a house for me and my husband’s name is on title is to be home? What about the mortgage, the name will be there? when me and all the parent bank, the loan under me and the mother’s name? Based on the above, going through a divorce between me and the man is what he can say the house or the percentage of the house on the law of Texas? answered honestly and sincerely please only … also sources so I can read more of this search online! thank you!

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    May 3, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    No, it is unconstitutional to discriminate based on nationality, any one in the world can buy in the US.

    Title is ownership, as long as their are no loans, if your parents bought for cash your name, and not their could be in the title.

    The names on the title and mortgage have to match, if you and mom buy together both names are on everything.

    Texas is community property, so yes, even not being on the title the husbands of both you and your mother have equal property rights as you. He owns half of what his wife owns.

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