Are Bush, McCain, and the rest of Republicans Communists?

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While the media is now very concentrated in the hands of only few mega-corporations, most of which are tied to the military-industrial complex, a few news tidbits that give you a clue as to what is really going on sometimes appear. In the In February 2008, for example, in the Washington Post, they published an editorial written by Eliot Spitzer, the former Governor of New York. Spitzer revealed that the Bush administration was directly responsible for causing the housing and mortgage crisis by stopping the regulatory powers over the industry that would have checked on the rampant corporate greed. Here’s the link to that editorial:

It was not too long after that editorial appeared that Bush & Co. went after Spitzer and then forced him to resign by publicizing the Emperor’s Club involvement.

Now, after the Bush administration has helped to cause the biggest failures of ALL TIME, his administration has engineered the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Never in the history of the US has the government taken over publicly traded corporations. Such government takeovers or coups are called “Communisim.” And that makes Bush and his cronies Communists too. Not surprisingly, McCain is also caught up in causing the mess. Just as he was a gold-plated member of the Keating 5, causing the huge savings and loan disaster years ago, his son Andrew had a role in the collapse of Silver State Bank in Nevada this Friday. Like father, like son. Here’s the link to that story:

Why ANYONE would vote for Bush, McCain, or ANY of these CORRUPT Republicans is totally mind-boggling! I realize that there are many stupid people out there voting for McCain, but surely some of them have SOME clue what is going on? Or maybe they don’t?

Let us survey the damage so far:

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