Are ANY banks willing to refinance a commercial loan?

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In spite of having a top notch credit score for two decades, a strong self-employed job for two years next month, a two-income family, and a renter of half our building with the other half being rented in a month or two….I’ve been unable to find any local bank (or even a local “national” bank) willing to refinance so my sis and I can get away from an 8.5 per cent interest mortgage.

HERE’S MY QUESTION: are there ANY banks out there who are less stupid than the ones I’ve gone to and who ARE refinancing and WANT my money??? Can you name them to me? How can I find them without going through ALL the paperwork and time, only to be turned down over and over for one ridiculous reason after another?

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not asking why banks don’t refinance right now. I’ve heard those excuses. I’m just asking if ANY are refinancing commercial loans. lol .
I have no idea what the first answer below is talking about. I didn’t ask if I qualify for a commercial loan. I already HAVE a commercial loan. And getting a “straw buyer” seems like a poor idea. I’m just wanting to know if ANY banks are refinancing commercial loans for low-risk folks like myself, and HOW do I find them??

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