Any change request for a mortgage?

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My daughter has trouble meeting their mortgage note, I saw on TV this morning about the amendment, if anyone has tried it and what are the steps, and what has exactly happened in your case? Please be loan officers or agents of the answer to this question, I want answers from people who have experienced personally! thnx anyway!

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    February 16, 2011 at 1:16 am

    First she has to call the mtg company herslef and try to modify.
    A month ago, on CNN, I saw a new program set up by the feds.
    It is a program set up by HUD and several government agencies.
    If your lender does not work with you – they have specialized people with direct contacts that will modify that mortgage.
    I am not sure if you still need to be one month behind for them to help you. does this at no cost to you
    don’t go to – thats for drug addiction

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