Anxiety about buying first home & moving out of apartment?

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Has anyone else felt really confused when thinking of buying home? I’m not so concerned about the finances, etc., I’m worried about the change. A part of me doesn’t want to do it but I’ve lived in my apartment forever (with really cheap rent) and I’m really tired of it and my neighbors and my neighborhood. BUT, it’s scary to think of moving to new town (I can afford to buy in the city I live) and I have no idea what it’s like to own a home and what if I don’t like the neighborhood or the house for that matter after I buy it?? I’d appreciate any advice or encouragement anyone can give me.
I have to worry about the finances but for some reason that’s not freaking me out as much as the fear of making a change. Once I deal with that then I can start looking at if I can afford it.
Thanks to everyone for reminding me of the benefits of owning your own home! It’s very, very encouraging!

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    July 21, 2011 at 12:58 am

    i went from a mobile home to a house. it is VERY scary. it was all new territory for us. i knew it was a move we HAD to do and that it would be for the best, but it was still scary. the finances were a big thing for us, and lucky for you you say that isnt an issue for you. we were very lucky that we moved to a new town with wonderful neighbors. my best advice is to take your time and really search for the perfect one for YOU. check out the neighborhood, the schools, check out the playground, strike up a conversation with someone and say you are interested and see what they have to say. there is alot of info online these days, do a search. the big thing is do not jump on the first one, take your time and think about it, it is a BIG move and not one to take lightly. remember that when the toliet leaks in YOUR house, you need to fix it or call a plumber not the landlord. there are alot of added expenses when you buy a home, not just the mortgage, you have taxes, insurance, upkeep, utilities. take your time and you will be fine. but to be scared is perfectly normal and healthy. it makes you stop and think things thru trust your heart and mind and you will be fine. Trust me if and when you make the jump you will be rewarded.

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    July 21, 2011 at 1:23 am

    I am simply moving to an apartment and I don’t even like doing that. I feel the anxiety because unless you are like the people I’ve met who like constant change, nothing really helps. What I have realized, in my case, is that there is a delusion with security with bing in one place for awhile. Try to meet some people in the military who are used to doing this sort of stuff. Right now I wouldn’t move if I didn’t have to. Your next hood might not be any better or it might be, and you can’t say right now. Let me try to be more exact in answering this by using me as an example. I had an apartment in Indianapolis, near south side, where I lived about 4 years. It was kinda cozy and I liked it for the most part. I later decided to move to New Orleans, La. area 780 mi. where I live now as per my profile. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have moved to this place ever or wouldn’t give it a second thought. Anywhere in the entire state of Indiana beats this swamp hands down. That’s my call period. I hope your move turns out better.

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    July 21, 2011 at 1:48 am

    Relax, don’t take it so seriously. The decision to buy a home is well worth it in the long run. When I waited to buy and looked and looked for my dream home, almost two years had passed and the prices went up. Pick a newer neighborhood with young families, people get outside with their kids and it’s easy to meet your neighbors. Don’t go by all the time, it will drive you nuts. Find a good realtor, mine was horrible and I fired her the broker had to finish my deal and attend the closing. The builders reps were the best. Be prepared to pay your closing costs, mine were more than I was told. Now though that I have my home I can paint walls hang pictures and plant flowers etc. My mortgage is more than rent but I get a heck of a tax write off. I pay a guy to mow cheap and spend my time enjoying my house. I mentioned rent was less but I also have 2 times the sq. footage and 3 bedrooms instead of one. Get prequalified, then you won’t waste your time looking at what you can’t get. Happy Hunting

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    Big Deal Maker
    July 21, 2011 at 2:12 am

    Having buyers ReMorse before you buy is a typical reaction.
    You need to check the home out and you need to see the neighborhood at night before you buy too. Not just during the day. Also see the neighborhood on weekends during the evening too.
    If the home is in a location that you want and the neighborhood is very good.
    The upside is home ownership and the tax break.
    Negative side. Home repairs. Negative equity until market turns around.
    First and most part is no one can tell you that you are not allowed to put a hook in the ceiling. Not tell you are making too much noise. You can now park your car in a garage. You can get home owners insurance to cover it all. Also they have a insurance plan for all of your appliances.
    Best of luck and hope this is the home you will stay in for some time.

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    Louise I
    July 21, 2011 at 2:18 am

    There is alot to think about in terms of commitment, you have to thing about home maintenace and moving cost. You are STUCK in your neighborhood unless you sell your house. BUT it is yours, what you put into the house is yours. You can do what you WANT to.

    Look at the Nehemiah Downpayment assistance program if you need help coming up with closing cost money. That is what I am doing.

    Good Luck

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    July 21, 2011 at 2:49 am

    What you are feeling is normal. You are experiencing what most home buyers do. I cried right before my closing.
    Once you are in your own place, a sense of achievement will come over you. That lasts about 1 hour, then your mind starts racing with all the things you want to do to your new home.
    Good luck and enjoy.

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