Answer my question please. Home Mortgage. Probate Court? Help !!!!?

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Ask a lawyer, lawyer, judge, or a landlord …. or who, with this situation. I’m ratlos.Lange story short, I have bad credit. Seen in buying a home in SC. You can see my credit card was wrong and helped me to buy her house with the help of his lawyer. We went, she got a contract signed with all payments marked every month. I’m in the house about 11 years after the contract start clean. He was still on the house and did not act. I helped him, so he did not have to pay 2 mortgages Home and he helped me find a house, even if I had all the bad debts. but in fact it was exactly what I charge of the house. I pay him, he will pay the bank, and that’s how gearbeitet.Nun for the past 3 years, he died. Sitting in the law firm of lawyers before he died he told me not to worry because when he was older, his daughter would begin to make payments and pay for me. After my furfill consent, it should be turned on me. He said his daughter was very friendly and understand and are just happy that we could all have each other to buy helfen.Ich payment of his daughter for 6 months. This month, they sent me a letter saying there, email: “All my fathers assets will be turned to the Probate Court, I hope the judge is a Lean to you that my father was.” Whatever that meant, if the facts that the house was overpriced, high interest rates and need some repairs that I did not know before the purchase price as a very acceptable cost … . All cables needed replacement. I always paid the father and always paid on time. Personally, I pay him $ 50 for a month so he can continue to adhere to the insureance on the house he had bought for her. I also have a complement and a privacy fence cost about $ 15k just because I thought it was my home for a good hinzugefügt.Grundsätzlich I need to know what is going to make a probate court? the deposit is $ 4,000 and $ 30,000 ive already paid my loss? What agrrement contract signed by the lawyers that I own the house in eight years, when I say pay each month? I can not pay for a home loan. I can not in my name or finance. I return bad credit that strains on the hospital bills when I was a child, and credit problems in college. What do I do now? I’m going to a single mother of three children, divorce, and I never paid $ 1,000 a month and a deposit if I did, we would have thought this house someday. Do I pay to pay the next month? How do I know if that was what my $ 1000 per month on the house loan? Help! I feel like have to go suckered, come with moving expenses. I feel like I’m out of $ 50,000, which I school, college kids, all parties would be rented to use. I would not pay a deposit and the high payments, interest rates or the addition of money, if I just rent.

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    May 17, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Problem here sweets, is that once he died, the probate court has to decide what to do with his assets and debts. If he had an open mortgage on the house, it probably has to be sold to pay it off. The lender has no obligation to let the daugher take over payments to keep your agreement. With a good lawyer and a really good land contract, you may be a secured creditor against the estate for at least some of what you paid.

    Biggest thing people forget when entering into a land contract is that over 20-30 years, people die. When entering one, a lawyer needs to take all this into account as well as default provisions by either party; generally a good idea for BOTH parties to carry life insurance naming the other as beneficiary with the buyer picking up most of the premium; and getting the property on the death by paying off the note with the policy.

    Get a good lawyer; a different one.,

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    May 17, 2011 at 11:49 am

    The mans assets need to be liqudated. There is no stopping that. The daughter is basically saying “I hope the judge lets you buy the place”.

    Your contract is void, you made it with someone who is dead, it no longer means anything at all. Just like if you died your children would not be forced to make those payments for 8 more years. Death voids sales contracts that have no completed.

    If you paid 30k over and above the payments (which were legally rent) you might recover those from the estate. You will have to prove you paid that money and it was not associated with your monthly rent payments.

    You were not suckered into anything, you took the chance with a very risky thing and it did not work out.

    You should be given the opportunity to buy the house, but of course you will need to obtain a loan. The estate needs to close out all of the debts/assets of the deceased, and this is one of the assets that needs to be taken care of. The daughter can not even keep the house if there are unpaid debts.

    You should be given 60 days to move, plenty of time. Your rent will go to the estate, not the daughter, straight to the estate lawyer who is handling the deceased money issues.

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