advice needed , does ex-FI have any rights?

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I was engaged and he cheated on me. Now I need some advice. I bought a house last August. The house and all bills are in my name only. His (ex-fi’s) dad did give us money to help with a downpayment, (about 6k) but he signed one of those gift forms, saying that it was a gift to me (FI never mentioned)., and that it was a gift with no strings attached and that it is not expected that I pay him back. We had to submit this form to the mortgage broker. The monthly payment is taken out of a joint account. (I think I am going to change this and have it taken out of a account that only I have). Does fi have any right to the house, because everything is only in my name? I am 100% sure that his name is not on anything. He has very bad credit. He thinks he has rights, I of course say no because his name is not on anything. I am not sure if anyone was ever in a situatioon like this. We are NOT married, and each of us made deposits into this joint account to pay all HH bills, as well as any bills FI had (his carpayment, student loans) Whle I kept a different account to pay my bills (CC, cell phone ect).

I dont think that the property is considered marital property, because we are not married, and in my state there is no common law marriage. I view what he has paid toward the bills, as his rent and living expenses (his rent was more then what is had paid toward the mortgage). Additioanlly, he has some anger issues and have done some damage to the house- drywall holes and dents, also he has broken a door frame, while busting it open becuase I liked myself in the bedroom to get away from him. I would guess the dame he did will cost at least 4k to fix (have to repaint walls, and get a new door frame).

If he would have rights, does that mean that he has to still pay all bills? My though proscess is that because my name is on everything he has the right to pick up and leave at anytime, and I would have no right to go after him for utilities or “rent”. Give your honest opinions, I live in Pa, if that helps.


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    May 19, 2011 at 12:52 am

    The mortgage is the debt. The asset is the title. Read the title. If is has your name, then it is yours. No oral contract for an interest in real property is enforcable, so all that exists is what is in writing. BTW, that joint account belongs to both of you and either one of you can clean it out anytime. If I were in your position, I would get my share out of that account first thing monday morning.

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    May 19, 2011 at 1:11 am

    The two of you are going to make a couple of lawyers very happy.

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