Advice about filing a household insurance claim for car break in

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Last week we received a call early in the morning from my husband’s corporate card stating that they suspected fraud. At that time my husband noticed his wallet was not in the house and he figured he must of dropped it somewhere. Well, a couple days later I was looking for a few items that I know were in my car and they are missing. I then start to really look and find that several items are gone – Passport, CDs, iPod, Noise Cancelling Headphones, my watch, sunglasses, my son’s perscription glasses, etc. (I know we are dumb for having this in the various compartments in my car, none were out in the open)…However, we filed a police report and find out that we are 8th person in our neighborhood to report a break in. I called my insurance company and was told that it would be covered under our household policy but then was told that they had a lot of limits on the $ amount for specific equipment (electronics, household paperwork like my passport). I have gone through my policy and no where can I find these limits. Is this pretty typical? Please, if you have any advice we would appreciate it. It has been an awful week dealing with shutting down credit cards, etc. we don’t want another headache….

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    June 26, 2011 at 7:17 am

    all policies have limits but first place fraud alerts on your credit with all three credit reporting companies. the liabilities section should have the answers to you limits

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    June 26, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Every homeowners policy except one, that I’ve ever seen, has had “special limits of coverage”. Pull your policy, go to Property, Section I perils insured against, Coverage C, personal property, Special Limits of Liability: $ 200 cash, $ 1,000 securities, $ 1,000 for watercraft & trailers, $ 1,000 for jewelry & watches (loss by theft), $ 1,000 for electronic apparatus. Many policies limit the coverage for cd’s to $ 100 or $ 250.

    Paperwork isn’t covered for “cost to replace”, but “value of the media” or blank paper. Electronics that are powered by your car, ONLY, are likely flat out excluded.

    And of course, this is all subject to your property deductible. I know, bad news, on top of being violated. Just what you need.

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