About how long will it take to see my credit score go up?

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Right now I have a credit score averaging 690 on all 3 credit companies. I just paid off a collection from a medical bill on an accident I had years ago. I only owe a couple hundred on a credit card that I always pay off regularly. I do have about 5 credit cards because I thought they would help to improve my credit. Three of those cards I got in the past year and the other 2 over 3 years ago. I paid off 2 car notes already and co-signed for my brother’s loan. I have 2 bad marks on my credit reports (beside the collection) for being 30 days late. One of them was 2 years ago for my capital one where I decided to pay on line and i used my savings account, but I didn’t realize until I got my next statement that my bank didn’t allow it. Recently my brother didn’t remember to pay his car loan and it went on my credit report. So if everything goes approx. how long will it take for my score to reach 720? Also could I dispute the capital-one late mark since I tried to pay and didn’t know?

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    August 18, 2011 at 8:47 am

    I just checked my score and it is 691. It went up from 609 to 691 since July. I had a late payment (about 90 days) that is now about 3 years old and a couple other late payments that were about 30 days late that were much older. My guess is the thing that really bumped my score was my debt to credit ration went down quite a bit recently. I am giong to be lowering it even further with my tax return and really going at it to bring my debt to about 30% of my available credit after that. A lot of it is just patience and making payments on time. My father told me once that paying even a few dollars over your minimum payment will help (not sure about this, maybe someone else can answer that one).

    As far as Capital One, My very late payment was through them and they wouldn’t budge. I don’t know if your account is still open with them (mine was closed), but I believe it was over a year or two they wouldn’t erase from your report. I have also heard they their cards aren’t the best for your credit report since they only report the amount of money you owe and not your credit limit (can harm the debt to ratio factor in your report).

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    August 18, 2011 at 9:32 am

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